Thursday, March 6, 2014

Frustrated, to say the least...

I'm back for more of my on again off again blog posting. I apologize for not being a faithful blogger.  I must admit, I'm feeling a little frustrated these days.  This whole submission to my wife things just isn't working out.  I think for one thing, it's life in general--trying to raise a family, working in a very stressful and demanding job, other family issues--the list goes on and on.  But I know a few things for sure:

1.  I want to submit to my wife.
2.  I want her to accept my submission.
3.  I want it to be outside and inside the bedroom.

In the past, we would have spurts of me submitting to her and her controlling when I had any sexual pleasure.  I even wore a CB3000 for a while.  But we eventually got rid of it and most of our other toys.  We did keep a few things but never have time or opportunity to use them.

What I think I can do at this point is practice stealth submission.  The problem is, I keep forgetting to do it.  I need to work harder on that.  Also, I may ask my wife to control my orgasms again even if we do it on the honor system, which we've done before.  I've noticed the more sexually frustrated I am the more likely I am to practice submission--stealth submission or not.

I don't know but I'm going to keep trying.  Life's too short for anything else.

Oh, and I'll try to be more faithful to post to this blog more often.

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